Center for Solar Energy Technologies

Innovation for the development of a world-class solar industry.

Solar Energy Center

Business Areas


Thermal solar energy

We concentrate our research on the use of engineering for the development of innovative technology in the installation and administration of pilot plants in solar thermal systems.


Photovoltaic solar energy

We deliver services for the photovoltaic industry to anticipate problems in time, with high quality certified instrumentation and specialized experts.


Testing and Analysis

We have experience in testing and analysis to evaluate the operation and condition of photovoltaic plants.



UC Anacleto Angelini Innovation Center. 

Vicuña Mackenna 4860, 3rd floor.  

Macul, Santiago.  

Postal Code: 7820436.  

Telephone: +562 2378 1660.  




Solar Power Concentration (CSP) leads solar thermal energy projects

The technical reliability and competitive prices achieved by the CSP are surpassing the new coal plants to produce electricity, highlights Mercedes Ibarra, head of the Solar Thermal Energy Group of Fraunhofer Chile. Read the report on solar thermal energy in Electricidad magazine.



Center for Solar Energy Technologies participates in the second version of SunRISE 2019

The Center for Solar Energy Technologies - Fraunhofer Chile Research (FCR-CSET), at the meeting point of the energetic ecosystem innovation of Chile



AtaMoS-TeC starts construction for applied research outdoor

Important information about the AtaMoS-TeC project, which together with celebrating its first anniversary, starts the applied research phase, supported by Fraunhofer Chile Research with its Center for Solar Energy Technologies (FCR-CSET).


Center for Solar Energy Technologies participates in electric storage seminar

Experts from Fraunhofer Chile and Fraunhofer ISE, Germany, presented various technological developments of storage at the International Seminar "Storage Systems in the Electrical Sector"


Crystal Lagoons and Fraunhofer sign an agreement to build a pilot plant to desalinate water that minimizes the use of electricity

The Crystal Lagoons company and the Fraunhofer Chile Research Foundation signed a collaboration agreement whose objective is to build a prototype of water desalination with membranes, which would radically reduce energy consumption in obtaining fresh water.


Fraunhofer CSET realizes seminar on Solar Technologies for Heat Supply in Industrial Processes

The Center for Solar Energy of Fraunhofer Chile Research (FCR-CSET) together with SERCChile and DIMEC organizes a seminar on solar thermal systems


Center of Solar Energy Technologies participates in TEC 7SAT2018

TEC 7 SAT seminar, a meeting point between mining and technology.


Fraunhofer visits advanced engineering center

The visit seeks to strengthen the collaboration agreement between research centers.


Fraunhofer Chile Research with its Centre for Solar Energy Technologies (FCR-CSET)

Learn more about the Business Areas and the work done by our CSET team: 

Photovoltaic systems (PV, CPV)

Solar thermal systems (CSP, industrial processes, water treatment)

Horizontal integration (buildings, network, market)

Adaptation of technologies for Chile

Strengthen and adapt quality standards and certification


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