About us

The Center of International Excellence in Technologies for Solar Energy of Fraunhofer Chile Research (FCR-CSET) implemented together with the Catholic University, began its activities in 2015. From that moment, the FCR-CSET uses the applied research model of the Fraunhofer institutes in Germany, in order to encourage the growth of solar activities in Chile within the industry. During its first phase, the FCR-CSET worked under three lines of research: Solar Electricity with focus on CPV and CSP, Solar Heat with focus on the mining industry and Solar Water Treatment, with its focus on membrane technologies.

During the first phase of its execution (2015-2018) the FCR-CSET explored opportunities and restrictions for the development, management and application of research and innovation activities in Chile, in accordinance to the international Fraunhofer model. Within the local context there is high motivation of companies to adapt innovative technologies, with the importance of Fraunhofer's experience to install, operate and maintain solar systems.

In February 2018 the second phase of the project began and a new format is introduced in the research lines as a result of the experience obtained during the first phase of execution and with a perspective of enhancing the potential of solar energy in Chile.


To be the leading institution in Chile and Latin America in research and development in the area of ​​solar energy and energy efficient systems, with excellent research results, successful projects, co-operations and spin-offs in order to develop a sustainable solar economy, affordable, efficient enough to provide a safe and socially balanced energy supply in the region.



With its system of technology-oriented innovations, FCR-CSET wishes to develop technical solutions for the economic use of renewable energy sources and for the improvement of energy efficiency, by supporting the competitiveness of its industrial customers, as well as the acceptance of sustainable energy systems in society.