Solar thermal systems

Solar heat generation for use in industry, is an area with potential for replacing fossil fuels in mining, and in the food, chemistry and textile industries.  FCR-CSET is helping to transfer this technique in an attractive market for Chile, by supporting the development of reliable technologies and the adaptation of business models.

Focus of Research

  • Integration of solar thermal technologies in industrial processes to heat, cool, dry, sterilize, and clean or for any other temperature process treatment.  
  • Development of solution systems combining heat with energy and poly-generation concepts.
  • Support for energy efficiency concepts, including the optimization of heat distribution, reduction of thermal losses and plans for integrating renewable energies.


  • Consulting.
  • Optimized systems solutions in heat processing for industry.
  • Investigation of hybrid systems, thermal energy, discharge ability of thermal energy, advanced control technology, increasing the effect of heat exchangers.