Photovoltaic Systems

In recent years, the growth of non-conventional renewable energies (NCRE) has been vertiginous, both in Chile and in the rest of the world. Among them, photovoltaic solar energy (PV) stands out as a source of clean and renewable energy with enormous potential in Chile, since the country has the highest solar radiation on the planet.


In this context, Fraunhofer Chile (FCR) and its Center for Solar Energy Technologies (CSET) has positioned itself as a leading organization in applied research in various areas, including solar photovoltaic energy. Our specialized team works on the development of innovative solutions and advanced technologies for the industry, with the aim of improving the efficiency and competitiveness of photovoltaic systems. Thanks to the transfer of knowledge and technology from the Fraunhofer Insitute for Solar Energy Systems ISE (Fraunhofer ISE), its parent company in Germany, FCR-CSET integrates the experience and knowledge of the local team in the national market, deepening in various innovative technologies developed in Germany and applying them to the local context.


Fraunhofer ISE's experience in the development of innovative technological concepts translates into an important competitive advantage for FCR-CSET, allowing it to stand out in the national market for its ability to offer customized solutions tailored to the specific needs of each client. Fraunhofer Chile's photovoltaic team is a strategic ally for companies seeking to improve energy efficiency, sustainability and profitability of their processes, through innovative and technologically advanced solutions.

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We develop effective solar solutions for companies, institutions and government agencies in Chile and other countries in the region.



A non-invasive method that allows you to check the status of your solar panels and predict possible future failures.


Solar Glare Analysis

We perform evaluations and analysis of PV systems to avoid solar reflection.



PV module inspection through thermography simplifies preventive and predictive maintenance by detecting possible defects in specific cells and electrical connection problems.


Optimization and Failure Analysis

Find out how we can optimize performance and reduce PV system failures.


Data Analysis

We evaluate PV systems to deliver critical information to our clients. Helping to generate a data driven approach.

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Integrated PV

It consists of the use of agricultural land, water and outdoor surfaces of buildings and infrastructure for the installation of PV systems.


Industry 4.0 / AI

Use of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to integrate 4.0 technology in the renewable energy sector to optimize production, reduce costs and improve the efficiency and profitability of projects.


Technical feasibility studies for PV projects

The technical and economic resources necessary to carry out a photovoltaic project are determined.

Noticias y comunicados de prensa


Fraunhofer Chile will develop a solar concentration system to recycle aluminum

  • Innovative project financed by CORFO through Crea y Valida will allow the construction of a prototype in the Metropolitan Region to demonstrate its effectiveness.

"We believe the best technology to replace coal plants is CSP."

Frank Dinter, President of ACSP Chile and Executive Director of Fraunhofer Chile


Fraunhofer Chile was awarded a project to determine district heat demand nationwide

District heat networks can supply thermal energy, which can be used for heating, domestic hot water and industrial processes, among others. The technology would make it possible to replace fossil combustion sources to supply heat to homes and industries.


CSP: Eyes on this promising technology

In its Oct.2022 issue, Revista Nueva Minería y Energía interviews María Teresa Cerda from Fraunhofer Chile and Cristián Sepúlveda from ACSP Chile about the advantages of CSP.


CSP is the most cost-effective large-scale 24/7 technology

[Revista Electricidad] Opinion column by the Executive Director of Fraunhofer Chile and Chairman of the Board of ACSP, Frank Dinter - Page 42, December 2022 Edition.

Photovoltaic Systems Equipment

With a focus on knowledge transfer, Fraunhofer Chile works in close collaboration with companies, institutions and government agencies to develop solutions that allow more effective use of solar resources in Chile and other countries in the region. Its photovoltaic team participates in research and development projects in areas such as improving the energy efficiency of photovoltaic systems, integrating renewable energies into electrical grids, and evaluating the quality and performance of photovoltaic components.


Thanks to its extensive experience in the field of solar photovoltaic energy and its solid knowledge in research and development, FCR-CSET's photovoltaic team has established itself as a benchmark in the industry, contributing to the advancement of solar energy and sustainable development in Latin America.

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David Jung

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