Our trajectory

The Fraunhofer Chile Research Foundation was established in 2010 to promote scientific exchange between Chile and Germany. 

Fraunhofer Chile was the first international center of excellence in R&D to be established in Chile with the support of Corfo, the economic development agency of the Chilean Ministry of Economy.

In 2013, Fraunhofer Chile Research was awarded a second international center of excellence in R&D: the Center for Solar Energy Technologies (Fraunhofer-CSET).

This center, funded by the Ministry of Energy and administered by Corfo, began operating in 2014 with the purpose of contributing to the development of a solar economy in Chile.

Fraunhofer-CSET has two business areas:

It also develops projects and works closely with the Chilean government and the solar energy sector to provide applied research and innovative solutions to this strategically important industrial sector.

Fraunhofer Chile Research is a thriving actor in Chile's innovation system, working together with industrial, academic, regional and national government partners to make a real impact through applied research.

Our challenge is to contribute to the development of local industry, through the technological platforms and knowledge of the 76 Fraunhofer institutes in Germany.