Photovoltaics systems

To ensure its competitivity, Chile needs to develop its sources of renewable energy. FCR-CSET aims to develop reliable and optimized components for electricity generation with concentrating solar systems (CSP) and photovoltaics (PV) in Chile and to support the installation and successful operation of big solar power plants.


Focus of Research

  • Test and monitor the performance and durability of solar components in different climate zones.
  • Individual certifications of quality and monitoring solar projects to ensure their quality and keep the confidence of investors.
  • Source for top quality solar data for Chile, in order to support access to financing and the operation of solar power plants.  .
  • Support for the development of new storage concepts and plants froma hybrid sources.
  • Support the strategic development of a solar economy, through analysis and systems simulations.


  • Consulting.
  • Solar statistics and prediction models.
  • Solar meteorological measurements.
  • Optimization of solar plant designs.
  • Test of durability and performance of solar components and systems.