Photovoltaic centers bet on a solar economy for Chile

A strategic meeting organized by CSET brought together the main actors in photovoltaic energy in Chile, with the visit of Dr. Mauro Pravettoni, SERIS researcher.

Dr. Mauro Pravettoni, Senior Researcher, PV Module Cluster, presenting the Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore (SERIS).
Workshop: An overview of recent developments on PV research, strengthening strategic alliances.
The experts of the PV workshop (from left to right): Marcelo Pérez, AC3E researcher, Dr. Mauro Pravettoni, senior researcher of PV Module Cluster of SERIS; María José Riquelme, business development manager of ATAMOSTEC, Dr. Elías Urrejola, solar energy expert of Engie Laborelec Chile; Rodrigo Palma-Behnke, director of SERC-Chile and Dr. Frank Dinter, director of Fraunhofer Chile CSET.

Providing an overview of recent developments in photovoltaic research and strengthening strategic alliances was the objective of a workshop held on Thursday April 4 by the Fraunhofer Chile – CSET (Centre for Solar Energy Technologies) of Fraunhofer Chile.

The objective of the event, held at the UC Innovation Centre, was to establish international relations between centres and further consolidate national relations.

The event was attended by Dr. Mauro Pravettoni, senior researcher of PV Module Cluster of the Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore (SERIS), and representatives of leading institutions in the field of Photovoltaic Systems, who had the opportunity to show what they do and publicize their areas of research and recent work.

Frank Dinter, CSET director, stressed that the objectives of this center are to generate innovations to achieve the implementation of solar energy on a large scale in Chile, both for the main industrial and commercial sectors as well as for the residential ones. "We want to 'solarize' Chile," he said.

He also presented the most recent activities of CSET and projects such as AgroPV, among others.

Rodrigo Palma-Behnke, director of SERC-Chile (Solar Energy Research Center) said the goal of this center is to become a leader in scientific research in solar energy, especially developing the potential of the Atacama Desert.

AtaMoS-TeC (Atacama Modules System Technology Consortium), was presented by María José Riquelme. This is a public-private initiative that seeks to develop technologies for the photovoltaic solar energy industry, specifically designed to address the high radiation conditions of the desert.

Marcelo Pérez, researcher at AC3E (Advanced Center for Electrical and Electronic Engineering) explained that this institution seeks to contribute to the technological development and competitiveness of the Chilean economy by providing research excellence and advanced human capital training.


Meanwhile, the solar energy expert, Elías Urrejola, presented the work and objectives of Engie Laborelec Chile.

"We have many good opportunities for joint research projects," said Dr. Mauro Pravettoni of SERIS.

The senior researcher at PV Module Cluster works with his group on the research and development of next-generation photovoltaic modules in Singapore, in close collaboration with industry partners.