Technical feasibility studies for PV Projects

Whether in our personal or professional life, the best way to make effective choices is to make informed decisions. A feasibility study will allow you to narrow down and identify the aspects that generate risk and uncertainty associated with the evaluation of photovoltaic generation projects. Additionally, it will provide you with a reliable tool, with traceable results, that can be presented to investors or financial institutions to facilitate project financing and decision making.

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The technical analysis consists of evaluating the efficiency and performance of the solar panels and other components of the photovoltaic system. This includes power generation capacity analysis, environmental impact analysis, system lifetime and maintenance analysis, among other relevant technical aspects. On the other hand, the economic analysis focuses on evaluating the costs and benefits of the PV system. This includes return on investment analysis, cost-benefit analysis, financial feasibility analysis and evaluation of government incentives and policies that may affect the profitability of the project.


At Fraunhofer Chile we have the knowledge, the point of view and the research capabilities to analyze data, establish objectives, propose courses of action and search for relevant information to implement your solar photovoltaic project. Additionally, our center can provide analysis and modeling of the electricity generation market, based on different scenarios and other analyses tailored to the client's needs.

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