Concentrated Solar Power Systems

FCR-CSET wants to support the development of Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) technologies because of the advantages they offer to increase the percentage of electricity production while giving stability to the grid.


At FCR-CSET we work to provide information in order to increase the competitiveness of these technologies by increasing production, decreasing operating costs or through innovative schemes to increase the value matrix of CSP.

CSP Services

* Services offered independently and/or in conjunction with Fraunhofer ISE

Prospective studies for CSP plant evaluation

  • Reflectivity studies in desert environments and component durability tests.
  • Measurement of meteorological variables in the field

Performance analysis of CSP plants

  • Impact of local climate on the operation.
  • Simulations of innovative technologies (molten salt and solar hybrid plants).

Líneas de Investigación en CSP


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