Fraunhofer Chile Research

Fraunhofer Chile Research

Applied research to solve industry needs and accelerate technologies in Chile and Latin America.

Center for Systems Biotechnology

Innovation to solve industry challenges in circular economy, functional foods, aquaculture and sustainable agriculture.

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Center for Solar Energy Technologies

Innovation for the development of a world-class solar industry.

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70 años de Fraunhofer

Nuestro aniversario número 70 es una ocasión para celebrar a la Fundación Fraunhofer junto a sus socios, colegas y todos quienes quieran dar forma al futuro.

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Fraunhofer Gesellschaft

72 institutes in Germany, worldwide leaders in research and development to serve the industry.

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Business areas of the Biotechonology Center


Agri-foods and ingredients

We add value to agro-industrial waste with a focus on a circular economy, create functional foods, work on sustainable pollination and bee health, and devise Smart Agro solutions.


Aquaculture and Marine Systems

We formulate products to improve productivity and disease control of aquaculture species, innovate in diagnostic methods and support aquaculture diversification programs.


Industrial Bio-sustainability

We design sustainable solutions in bioprocesses, evaluate agricultural and aquaculture residues to generate energy and investigate sustainable uses of water.


R+D Services Platform

We execute laboratory procedures with high quality standards in biology, chemistry and bioinformatics.

Business areas of the Solar Energy Center


Solar thermal systems

We focus our research on the use of engineering for the development of innovative technology in the installation and management of solar thermal pilot plants.


Photovoltaics systems

In order to anticipate problems at an early stage, we provide services for the photovoltaic industry with certified state-of-the-art technology and specialized professionals.


Testing and analysis

We have experience in testing and analysis, to evaluate the operation and condition of photovoltaic plants.




Imagining the future with one step in the industry

Co-creating innovative solutions for large companies, SMEs and startups is the seal that will stamp to Fraunhofer Chile its new general manager, Pilar Parada. Desalinizing water with 60% energy savings, a food for salmon that reduces the use of antibiotics and a technology to tackle pollution in aquaculture are examples she discusses in an interview with Diario Financiero.



AtaMoS-TeC starts construction for applied research outdoor

Important information about the AtaMoS-TeC project, which together with celebrating its first anniversary, starts the applied research phase, supported by Fraunhofer Chile Research with its Center for Solar Energy Technologies (FCR-CSET).



Center for Solar Energy Technologies participates in the second version of SunRISE 2019

The Center for Solar Energy Technologies - Fraunhofer Chile Research (FCR-CSET), at the meeting point of the energetic ecosystem innovation of Chile


Center for Solar Energy Technologies participates in electric storage seminar

Experts from Fraunhofer Chile and Fraunhofer ISE, Germany, presented various technological developments of storage at the International Seminar "Storage Systems in the Electrical Sector"

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