Fraunhofer Chile Research

Fraunhofer Chile Research (FCR) was established in Chile in 2010, as the first institution of the Corfo’s International Centers of Excellence Program. Since January 2021, it is part of the National Research and Development Agency centers.


FCR has two centers: the Center for Systems Biotechnology (FCR-CSB) and the Center for Solar Energy Technologies (FCR-CSET), which are part of the 15 international independent institutions affiliated to Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft (Germany), the world’s leading applied research organization.

Center for Solar Energy Technologies - Business areas


Solar thermal systems

We focus our research on the use of engineering for the development of innovative technology in the installation and management of solar thermal pilot plants.


Photovoltaics systems

In order to anticipate problems at an early stage, we provide services for the photovoltaic industry with certified state-of-the-art technology and specialized professionals.


Testing and analysis

We have experience in testing and analysis, to evaluate the operation and condition of photovoltaic plants.

Center for Systems Biotecnology - Research areas and Services

The Fraunhofer Chile Center for Biotechnology Systems works on the development of bioproducts and services that allow the Chilean and Latin American productive sectors to advance towards a production model based on the sustainable transformation of biological resources, in balance with biodiversity and environmental protection.


Research Area


  • Bioproducts from natural raw materials for application in the food, feed, nutraceutical and cosmeceutical industries.
  • Sustainable agriculture projects to increase biodiversity and productivity of commercial orchards and contribute to improving Latin American beekeeping with health prevention strategies.

Research Area

Environmental Biotechnology

  • Molecular technologies for environmental monitoring and reducing the impact of productive activity on biodiversity.
  • Design of solutions for a healthier and more sustainable animal and agricultural production.
  • Technologies to reduce the generation of organic waste with circular economy strategies.


Business Development

  • A science-based business team connects industry with the research areas of FCR-CSB and the Fraunhofer institutes in Germany. This helps to formulate R&D transfer packages tailored to each client.
  • Our team offers techno-economic analysis and technological roadmaps for companies and productive sectors and supports the application of companies for funds and subsidies to promote R&D&i.



State-of-the-art infrastructure for analytical services, technical and human capabilities in molecular biology, microbiology, and analytical chemistry.

News and Press Releases


Fraunhofer Chile Research focuses on sustainable energy projects

·       The Fraunhofer Chile Research Foundation from now on will mainly focus on applied R&D in the area of solar energy. Therefore, it is contributing its recognized scientific experience in the field of renewable energies via its Center for Solar Energy Technologies CSET.


Prof. Dr. Frank Dinter takes over as new General Manager of Fraunhofer Chile

-          The leading German expert - who until now served as Director of the Center for Solar Energy Technologies CSET - assumes this Monday, October 18, as General Manager.


Press release / 24.8.2021

Fraunhofer Chile will transfer its Center for Systems Biotechnology and strengthen its focus on solar technologies

As part of the process, the Center for Systems Biotechnology is seeking alliances with national institutions to transfer the created capacities, while the Center for Solar Energy Technologies will continue to contribute R&D in the field of solar technologies.



Loss of bees endangers Latin American ecosystems

On the International Bee Day, the SciDev.Net news website highlighted the main conclusions of the study published in Veterinary Sciences by Bee Health Latin America and the National University of Rosario (Argentina).



R&D for a sustainable aquaculture

In a special edition about Aquaculture, El Mercurio newspaper highlighted some of the services and technologies developed by Fraunhofer Chile Center for Biotechnology in this area. Among them, there is a system to prevent pollution from salmon farming and technologies to support environmental impact studies and early detection of pathogens in aquaculture centers.

News and press releases Center for Systems Biotechnology

News and press releases Center for Solar Energy Technologies