Fraunhofer Chile Research

Our laboratory is working with all the security measures during the pandemic situation. If you need a quote or make a request, please email us at

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Fraunhofer Chile Research

Applied research to solve industry needs and accelerate technologies in Chile and Latin America.

Center for Systems Biotechnology

Innovation to solve industry challenges in circular economy, functional foods, aquaculture and sustainable agriculture.

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Center for Solar Energy Technologies

Innovation for the development of a world-class solar industry.

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Fraunhofer Gesellschaft

With 75 institutes and research institutions throughout Germany, the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft is the world’s leading applied research organization.

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To comply with the protection measures against Covid-19, most of the Fraunhofer Chile team works from home and attentive to requests from our clients and stakeholders.

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Center for Systems Biotechnology - Research areas


Agrifoods and ingredients

We add value to agro-industrial waste with a focus on a circular economy, create functional foods and smart ingredients, and work on sustainable agriculture and bee health.


Aquaculture and Marine Ecosystems

We formulate products to improve productivity and disease control of aquaculture species, innovate in diagnostic methods and support aquaculture diversification programs.



We design sustainable solutions in bioprocesses, evaluate agricultural and aquaculture residues to generate energy and investigate sustainable uses of water.


Laboratory Services

We execute laboratory procedures with high quality standards in biology, chemistry and bioinformatics.

Center for Solar Energy Technologies - Business areas


Solar thermal systems

We focus our research on the use of engineering for the development of innovative technology in the installation and management of solar thermal pilot plants.


Photovoltaics systems

In order to anticipate problems at an early stage, we provide services for the photovoltaic industry with certified state-of-the-art technology and specialized professionals.


Testing and analysis

We have experience in testing and analysis, to evaluate the operation and condition of photovoltaic plants.

News and Press Releases



How to diagnose and control Varroa destructor in the hive

The mite can cause losses of 20% to 80% of honey production. Experts, including Leslie Vallejos, from Salud Apícola Latinoamérica, provide recommendations to detect their presence and treat the affected hives at El Mercurio Campo.



Costo Nivelado de Energía en una planta solar híbrida sería más barato que en una planta termoeléctrica de gas natural

Estudio desarrollado por investigadores del Centro de Tecnologías para la Energía Solar de Fraunhofer Chile propone, tras un análisis comparativo, que la configuración óptima para los diversos escenarios de producción de energía para la red eléctrica nacional y con el menor Costo Nivelado de Energía (LCOE), se puede lograr en una planta solar híbrida (fotovoltaica y CSP con almacenamiento).  



"The industry must participate in the solutions of the country's greatest challenges"

The Minister of Science, Andrés Couve, says in Diario Financiero that "Chile has an excellent scientific capacity, but its links with the private sector are limited." He adds that by investing in R&D, companies "demonstrate their competitiveness."




Lessons from the pandemic for centers of excellence

Adaptation, innovation, internal proactivity, and multilateral cooperation are some of the formulas that the 70 Chilean centers of excellence, including Fraunhofer Chile, had to apply in 2020. The DF highlights these and other challenges.

Press releases Center for Systems Biotechnology

Press releases Center for Solar Energy Technologies