Center of Solar Energy Technologies participates in TEC 7SAT2018

TEC 7 SAT seminar, a meeting point between mining and technology.

On Thursday, 8th November, the VII Seminar for Technological Approach was held, with the presence of around 1,140 people. This event was organized by Codelco, Sonami, ACTI and the Alta Ley Program.

Green Mining and Sustainability
Marco Vaccarezza, CSET Business Development Manager.
Panel N°1 Green Mining and Sustainability

The purpose of this important seminar is to consolidate a meeting point between mining and technology and finally to generate conversations and show solutions to get closer to the mining of the future.

The Center of Solar Energy Technologies— Fraunhofer Chile Research (FCR-CSET) was represented by Marco Vaccarezza, Business Development Manager, who participated in the green mining and sustainability panel.

"The TEC 7SAT seminar is one of the most important events that “Gran Minería” in Chile has done during the year 2018. The participation in one of the panels of this event, precisely in relation to Green Mining and Sustainability, represented a great opportunity for dissemination and knowledge for Fraunhofer CSET, which allows us to become known in the most important industrial sector of the country. Mining in Chile is initiating a process of changing its energy matrix, intensifying both, the incorporation of renewable energies in its electric energy matrix and also developing electrification projects for other processes, which are currently fueled by fossil fuels. The coincidence that we have in Chile, where one of the largest mining districts worldwide is precisely in the area of ​​greatest solar radiation on the planet and generates a huge opportunity for research, development and innovation, to efficiently incorporate solar energy in the various industrial processes of mining. Fraunhofer CSET is called to play a relevant role in this process. For this, the participation of Fraunhofer CSET in this type of event is highly relevant and has an impact, "says Marco Vaccarezza, CSET Business Development Manager.

The event counted with the participation of important executives and representatives of various companies in the IT market (Telecommunications and Informatics), who presented their solutions and vision in relation to the digitalization of the complex processes of mining, as part of the process of evolution towards mining of the future or industry 4.0. The companies Claro, SAP, Microsoft, Fluidmesh Networks, together with the Technology and Innovation Committee of the SNMPE of Peru, presented these visions.

This seminar allowed us to know the plans and action paths that will be established to achieve digital solutions that allow mining to insert Chile as an advantage in the technological revolution that the natural resources industry experiences in its process towards an efficient, sustainable and friendly environment. The topics of the panels covered subjects such as "Digital Transformation in the Mining Business", "Smart Mining", "Cybersecurity and Solutions for Mining of the Future" and "Human Capital".