Artificial Intelligence / Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 represents the evolution of industrial production towards an intelligent and connected environment, in which systems are interconnected and use information and communication technologies (ICT) for control and management. In the solar PV sector, the implementation of Industry 4.0 can optimize operational efficiency and product quality, lower costs and increase competitiveness. Consequently, research is underway to develop and exploit advanced algorithms, such as statistical models, neural networks, support vector machines, clustering tools and other machine learning techniques, applied to the solar PV industry and associated services.

Fraunhofer Chile and the Industry 4.0

At Fraunhofer Chile we are dedicated to conducting innovative and multidisciplinary research that combines artificial intelligence and data science, taking advantage of our vast experience in the solar industry in Chile and Latin America. The main objective of this line of research is to decrease the maintenance costs of solar systems and increase their operational efficiency. To achieve this goal, we use artificial intelligence to monitor the performance of solar systems and prevent possible failures before they occur. We also optimize energy production based on weather conditions and energy demand. This involves implementing machine learning algorithms and artificial neural networks to predict and improve solar power generation using weather and system data.

Inteligencia Artificial en Fraunhofer ISE

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Machine Learning for material evaluation in PV panel production

Machine learning outperformed human performance in object classification in 2012. Fraunhofer ISE is implementing this technology for data-driven production control in its digitization initiative for solar panel production.

Predictive maintenance

We develop methods that determine the state of building systems based on existing automation data. This enables maintenance savings through machine learning techniques and tensor decomposition of large amounts of data.

Forecast of solar irradiation and generated electric energy

As solar energy becomes more important, reliable solar forecasts are needed for cost-effective use of energy management options. Fraunhofer ISE is developing models that combine information from different sources to predict solar energy for different time scales and areas.

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