Center for Solar Energy Technologies participates in the second version of SunRISE 2019

The Center for Solar Energy Technologies - Fraunhofer Chile Research (FCR-CSET), at the meeting point of the energetic ecosystem innovation of Chile

Fraunhofer Chile Research with the Center for Solar Energy Technologies participates in the Second Solar Innovation Meeting in Chile, organized by Brilla of the Chile Foundation and the Solar Comité of Corfo. The instance seeks to connect and enhance the ecosystem from the collaboration, so that Chile remains a leader in solar energy.

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The SunRISE 2019 event with Andres Pesce, Carlos Finat, Pablo Pastene and Marco Vaccarezza.
© Fraunhofer Chile Research
Meeting point - SunRISE 2019.

The Government of Chile and Corfo are giving the first push to accelerate the successes in commercialization and generation of businesses based on these innovations in Solar Energy so that these opportunities become competitive and successful projects.

On January 17th, Sebastián Sichel, Executive Vice President of Corfo, welcomed SunRISE 2019 and invited attendees to continue collaborating to take advantage of the opportunities offered by solar energy in Chile. The meeting brought together more than 300 actors from the national energy industry, including innovators, companies, investors and representatives of the public world.

The Center for Solar Energy Technologies - Fraunhofer Chile Research (FCR-CSET), was represented by Marco Vaccarezza, Business Development Manager, who attended the SunRISE event.

"It was interesting to get to know the visions of the Ministry of Energy in relation to perspectives and forecasts for 2019, and especially the vision of Corfos Executive Council member Sebastián Sichel in connection with the 2019 call for the Technological Institute of Solar Energy Mining, awarded by low-emission and advanced materials for lithium and other minerals, developed by CORFO. In addition, the SunRISE event allowed to get to know the state of progress and development prospects of various national start-ups that are promoting value-added businesses in solar energy with applications, services and high-tech products developed in Chile that are driving their businesses looking for investors to grow their initiatives."

During the event, the Energy Innovator award of 2018 was held, a contest that involved the participation of five projects, where the company Solarbosch was awarded for the first place with its Solar Power Concentrator project on a smaller scale. This project consists of the concentration of solar energy through heliostat-directed mirrors that reflect solar energy at a fixed point, thereby heating a fluid and then using the energy in industrial thermal processes. This technology can generate energy even at night and aims to build plants with 3 MW of power.

More details of the innovations and start-ups in development can be found in the attached link.


Possibilities for 2019

Marco Vaccarezza, Business Development Manager of FCR-CSET, exposed essential aspects for the development of solar energy this year.

"Solar energy has all the potential to become a new industrial and economic pillar in Chile, a great opportunity to develop a national industry with high added value, taking advantage of the potential of having one of the most important mining districts in the world, precisely in the area with the highest solar radiation, which generates integration and synergies between the Great Mining, Production of Green Copper and the development of added value on the exploitation of Lithium. All this potential will be catalysed through the call of CORFO to implement the Center for Solar Energy Technologies, mining with low emissions and advanced lithium materials and other minerals.