International experiences in Electromobility were analyzed at 1st FIDELMOV 2019 Fair

The Director of the Center for Solar Energy Technologies, Frank Dinter, addressed the challenges faced by Germany in the implementation of this type of technologies and how Fraunhofer Chile Research today seeks to promote them in our country.

Invited by Recyclapolis Foundation, the Director of the Center for Solar Energy Technologies, Dr. Frank Dinter participated in the 1st version of the Fidelmov 2019 Fair together with a panel of international experts to analyze the topic "Intelligent Cities: public policies and international regulations", an instance in which he addressed the challenges and lessons that Germany has developed around Electromobility, as well as the technology transfer that Fraunhofer Chile Research seeks to deliver today through its Center for Solar Energy Technologies.


Fidelmov is the First International Electromobility Fair in Chile and was born under the eaves of Recyclápolis Foundation, and aligned with the "Energy Route 2018 - 2022" promoted by the Government of Chile. On August 29th, 30th and 31st, the event brought together the main organizations and companies involved in the development of electromobility in the Mapocho Station, in days that included the presentation of various stands, test drive, e-ride, as well as panels, talks and workshops conducted by national and international experts.


International Experiences


Frank Dinter, Director of the Center for Solar Energy Technologies (FCR CSET) of Fraunhofer Chile Research, highlighted the projections and challenges of the bet for new electromobility systems in Chile. "Six Fraunhofer institutes in Germany carried out a future study on electromobility together. Some 47 million cars are expected to be registered by 2020. This means that one in three adults in Germany will have a car. By 2020, around 5 % of electric cars will be registered and around 2030 also 5 % of H2 cars. The general trend in Germany is towards carpooling and the use of public transport due to sustainability. More and more rental cars are becoming electric. With electricity becoming greener, also the transport sector benefits from the use of electric cars. In this sense, CSET works very closely with Fraunhofer ISE in Freiburg on these issues to transfer knowledge from German to Chile," explained the executive.


In the panel, international experiences were shared regarding electromobility, with speakers who addressed interesting data on Norway, Latin America and the Caribbean, and Chile, an instance that was moderated by Enzo Sauma, PhD in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research at the University of California (Berkeley, United States), who introduced the panelists and guided the questions of the audience.