CSP in the Electricity Market

The Chilean electricity market is comprised of three major segments: generation, transmission and distribution.


The first of these is associated with the function of producing electricity by means of different technologies (renewable or non-renewable).  Based on this, Fraunhofer Chile, in its CSP research line, proposes several studies to evaluate solar technologies in the Chilean electricity market.

Potential in Chile

Chile is recognized as the richest country in solar energy. Its high level of normal direct irradiation and global horizontal irradiation, coupled with low atmospheric attenuation and few cloudy days, make Chile one of the countries with the greatest potential for the development of solar technologies, such as photovoltaic and concentrating solar power.  


59% of the installed capacity of the National Electric System in Chile as of February 1, 2023 is composed of non-conventional renewable technologies, where the share of solar energy is 35%, which produced 17% of the energy during the year 2022.

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Projects in the area:

  • Pre-feasibility studies for technical-economic evaluation for hybrid CSP+PV offgrid plants for hydrogen generation for mining client.

Related Research Lines:

  • Evaluation of long duration storage systems as stand-alone islands to solve transmission line congestion.
  • Techno-economic pre-feasibility studies to evaluate the potential of CSP or solar hybrid plants.