Dirty photovoltaic modules will give you a lower yield. But how much are you losing? Our measurements can tell you. And that's not all: We can perform a detailed soil analysis that results in an economically optimized cleaning regime for your PV plant.

Inaccurate trackers

Solar trackers that do not reliably follow the course of the sun will not increase electricity production and even represent an additional source of electrical losses. Our detailed analysis shows you the behaviour of your trackers and the correct functioning of the protection against strong winds.

Low performance

Are you collecting all the energy offered by the location of your photovoltaic plant? Or are you experiencing losses? We can answer these questions with our string analysis and Performance Ratio calculations. And if there are losses, our more advanced analysis methods will help you find the reason.

Damage to modules

Production processes, improper handling during transportation and installation, or even improper cleaning regimes can damage photovoltaic modules, causing long-term losses. Our tests can help you identify even those damages that are invisible to the naked eye.

Inverter failure

Do you have problems with inverters that shut down regularly, limit your output power or go out of order? Fraunhofer CSET can perform power measurements on the AC side of your PV farm, which can reveal the cause of your problems.


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