Fraunhofer CSET together with the UFSC organizes a Knowledge Exchange seminar in Florianópolis

The Center of Solar Energy Technologies (FCR-CSET) organized a Knowledge Exchange seminar about Photovoltaic Solar Generation in Latin America, which took place in Florianópolis, Brazil.

At the invitation of Prof. Ricardo Rüther, Director of the Photovoltaic Laboratory of the UFSC (Federal University of Santa Catarina), around 80 experts from all areas of the Brazilian photovoltaic world took part, both from private companies and also from governmental institutions of research.

© Fraunhofer Chile Research
The representatives of Fraunhofer FCR-CSET at the “Knowledge Exchange Seminar”. From left to right Robin Grab, Prof. Frank Dinter, Dr. Björn Müller from ISE and Gonzalo Ramirez.
© Fraunhofer Chile Research
Robin Grab, expert in Photovoltaics of CSET.
© Fraunhofer Chile Research
Together with Ricardo Rüther in the middle.

Because Fraunhofer CSET works very closely with Prof. Rüther and the UFSC, the director of the center in Santiago, Prof. Frank Dinter, also participated in the seminar. Together with two of his colleagues, he represented the Chilean photovoltaic scene and used the experience, gained in the country to contribute with scientific lectures.

The aim of the seminar was to share experiences and demonstrate the capabilities and needs of photovoltaic solar technology in this emerging market. The topics focused on by the employees of the Fraunhofer CSET dealt with the activities of the CSET in Chile, such as the evaluation of the power ratio, the measurement of the IV curve and the electroluminescence analysis. In addition, they reported on cleaning measures for optimized modules developed in the CSET and the challenges of alternating current in photovoltaic power plants.

"The seminar was an excellent opportunity to renew relations with the UFSC and to develop our connections in Brazil and people around the world with photovoltaic technology. We thank Prof. Rüther for his invitation and hospitality during the seminar and we would like to come back for a possible next edition of the seminar!” comments Robin Grab, expert in photovoltaics at CSET.

Finally, CSET Director Prof. Frank Dinter emphasizes, in the future they want to pursue research projects together with the UFSC.