Laborelec and Fraunhofer sign agreement to empower solar energy

Two big companies in the solar energy sector, ENGIE Laborelec and Fraunhofer, signed a collaboration agreement to identify and look for business opportunities together, in order to offer specific large scale photovoltaic energy services in Latin America.

In operational terms, ENGIE Laborelec will be in charge of the electrical connection, while Fraunhofer will focus on the quality of the modules..

This means that, together, they can offer such services as: evaluation of plant outputs; mechanical and electrical inspection of the solar field; and analysis of the module’s deterioration and filth and the root causes, among many others.

Both firms expect to boost the competition in photovoltaic and concentrated solar thermal power plants. At the same time, a very important aim is to make a big impact on the energy market not only in Chile, but also throughout Latin America.

A grand alliance

For Dr. Mercedes Ibarra –Research Line Leader-Solar Process Heat, Fraunhofer Chile Research-, the union of these two companies can “help the country in the development of this energy that reduces fossil fuel consumption and CO2 emissions”. .

“We hope that there is synergy in the services offered in Chile, in the solar energy area, thanks to the increased equipment and capacities”, she adds.

This is an outlook shared by Sebastian Falkenberg, General Manager & Head of Renewable Energy, ENGIE Laborelec Chile, who notes that “Fraunhofer and Laborelec have very complementary competencies and activities.”.

“Fraunhofer is known worldwide in the area of solar research, while Laborelec has many years of experience in the sector and has the support of ENGIE”, he adds.

A stronger supply

Both professionals agree that the union will permit a better supply and quality of services, allowing the resources of both companies to be optimized and providing clients with  more flexibility in time and competition.

“We have more human resources, and more specialized measuring material and we share commercial opportunities, for  improving our business development efficiency. All this is for Chile’s benefit, accelerating its solar development with higher quality, so that the plants can really achieve their useful life of more than 30 years”, says Flakenberg.

All this is possible because both companies offer complementary services of product development, research and implementation and equipment specific to photovoltaic solar energy. That is, the clients win, solar energy wins … and the whole country wins.