Infrared thermography is a passive technique for obtaining temperatures at a distance that does not require physical contact with the object under study, since it is performed by capturing images. This technique is based on the principle of converting images captured from the radiation emitted by objects into points that represent the surface distribution of their temperature. The main source of infrared radiation is heat in the form of thermal radiation. It is therefore possible to quantify the amount of heat emitted by each body, depending on the temperature at which it is located.


The inspection of photovoltaic modules using thermography simplifies preventive and predictive maintenance, as it makes it possible to detect possible defects in specific cells, identified as dark areas, as well as possible electrical connection problems, visible as hot spots. Inspections are performed under plant operating conditions.

Fraunhofer Chile offers on-site thermography services to assess the condition of generation systems in photovoltaic plants. In addition, advanced software tools are available to perform an automated analysis of the recorded images and deliver the results in a timely manner to our customers.


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