New Alignment of Fraunhofer Chile Research: Transfer of Center for Sys-tems Biotechnology and Intensified Focus on Solar Technologies

As part of the process, the Center for Systems Biotechnology is seeking alliances with national institutions to transfer its capacities, while the Center for Solar Energy Technologies will continue contributing its applied R&D in the field of solar technologies.

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The Center for Systems Biotechnology has a 300 m2 laboratory with state-of-the-art equipment for the development of biotechnology applied to sustainable solutions for the productive sector.
© Fraunhofer Chile
The Center for Solar Energy Technologies provides services to the photovoltaic industry and innovative technology for the installation and management of pilot plants in solar thermal systems.

[Santiago, 23 August 2021] Fraunhofer Chile Center for Systems Biotechnology CSB is evaluating an alliance with national institutions to transfer its competencies and equipment.

Since its opening in 2010 as part of Fraunhofer Chile Research Foundation, CSB has been responsible for the successful founding of one spin-off company, 36 patent applications, 180 contractual research projects with private and public funding, and over 40 collaboration links with universities and research centers, both in Chile and Latin America.

Yet due to a discontinuation of state funding, Fraunhofer Chile CSB will be ending operations as of December 31, 2021. Fraunhofer Chile CSB is therefore pursuing alliances with Chilean institutions to transfer its assets and expertise and thereby maintain and further develop the acquired know-how for the benefit of Chile.

“With the transfer of Fraunhofer Chile CSB to one or more institutions that carry out applied scientific research in the country, we seek to retain and leverage the value created during more than 10 years of operation, including the team of researchers, the equipment, ongoing projects and our know-how in the technological transfer”, explains Dr. Pilar Parada, Executive Director of Fraunhofer Chile CSB and General Manager of Fraunhofer Chile Research.

Within the framework of the organization´s new alignment and in light of Chile´s abundant solar resources and its renowned scientific expertise in the field of solar technologies, Fraunhofer Chile Research Foundation will pursue a strong focus on applied R&D with its Center for Solar Energy Technologies CSET.

Its Executive Director, Dr. Frank Dinter, points out that “Fraunhofer Chile CSET will continue to firmly support the incorporation of solar energy into the Chilean industry, as well as the transition towards a renewable and sustainable energy matrix.”

Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft will stay engaged in the German-Chilean Cooperation via the Fraunhofer Center CSET and will continue to drive forward the development of renewable energies at the world's best solar location with proven commitment and world-renowned expertise.

Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft currently operates 75 institutes and research institutions throughout Germany and cooperates with eight international Fraunhofer affiliates worldwide, including Fraunhofer Chile.

Fraunhofer Chile Research Foundation was established in 2010 in response to the call of the Chilean Ministry of Economy, through CORFO, to attract international Centers of Excellence with the purpose of incorporating science-based innovation to generate a productive transformation of the Chilean economy.

Dr. Johann Feckl, Managing Director of Foreign Affairs and Internal Research Programs at Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and President of Fraunhofer Chile´s Board of Directors stresses “the German Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft continues to support Fraunhofer Chile to create alliances that allows to continue its work, complementing and enhancing the capacities of the national innovation ecosystem.”