Successful training for beneficiaries of Fraunhofer CSB within the project HubTech Chile

The event was attended by an expert from Fraunhofer Germany in the topic of technology transfer.

On Wednesday, 11 April, Fraunhofer’s Center for Systems Biotechnology (CSB) organized the first “Training for beneficiaries of HubTech Chile”.

The event, which took place in the Hotel Plaza El Bosque in Santiago, was attended by 60 participants, among them were professionals of science, academy and other areas. All of them were representatives of the 11 institutions of HubTech Chile.

Keynote speaker at the event was Doctor Birgit Liliensiek, Manager for Intellectual Property of the Fraunhofer Society, Munich, Germany, who gave a lecture on “IP challenges in Life Science – technology transfer from applied science to market: How to choose the best strategy”. Liliensiek, who co-founded the cooperation “Munich IP Management”, spoke about the topic of technology transfer from applied sciences to the market launch and presented guidelines to the attendees to select the best possible strategy, knowledge which was applied in group exercises in the afternoon.

The second presentation of Liliensiek involved a training concerning the adequate protection of intellectual property of research results in special geographic territories, such as the Antarctic continent, a topic which evoked great interest among the audience.

Other speakers at the workshop included Maximiliano Santa Cruz, General Director of the National Institute of Industrial Property in Chile (INAPI), and the Doctor Pilar Parada, CEO of Fraunhofer’s Center for Systems Biotechnology (CSB).


New managing director of HubTech Chile

Doctor Bernadita Araya, the new CEO of HubTech Chile, took also part in the event making her first public appearance since her appointment in March this year.

HubTech Chile is one of three platforms of technology transfer launched by Corfo, which has the aim to help universities and research institutions in the sector of science and technology to meet industrial needs of companies in Chile and the world.

HubTech Chile is an integrated part in 11 institutions, which are linked by their Offices of Technology Transfer and Licensing. These are the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, the Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaíso, the University of the Frontier, the University of Valparaíso, University of Los Andes, the University of Magallanes and the University Andrés Bello. As well as the Chilean Nuclear Energy Commission, the Chilean Water Research Corporation and the Regional Center for Healthy Foods Studies.

Furthermore, three centers of excellence with international representation are part of the initiative as co-executors, which are: Fraunhofer Chile Research, UC Davis and the French center INRIA, which is specialized in software.

The national platform of technology transfer HubTech Chile was founded in 2016 and addresses the productive sectors agriculture and aquaculture, health and the industrial production in general, which comprises the energy and mining sector.