Massive seminar on intelligent agriculture for Arica

The successful meeting exhibited the opportunities the region has for its agricultural development.

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© Fraunhofer Chile Research
© Fraunhofer Chile Research

Investing in technology. Generate innovation. Cooperative work. Geographic Location. These are some of the factors that will allow Arica and Parinacota’s region to become an agricultural power at a national and international level.

This was confirmed and recommended by the Ambassador of the Netherlands (Holland), Harman Idema, who was part of the speakers at the massive seminar "Opportunities for an intelligent agriculture in Arica", organized by Corfo last September 25, as the closing of the program Integrated Development Initiative (IFI) "Arica Smart Photovoltaic Agriculture".

During the meeting, the Italian researcher Cecilia Stanghellini, PhD in Agricultural Sciences from the Agricultural University of Wageningen (Holland), presented valuable information regarding the advances of protected agriculture. She was invited by the Fraunhofer Chile Research Foundation, co-executor of the project. Marnix Doorn M.Sc. of the Center for Systems Biotechnology also participated in the meeting, presenting the conclusions reached in these two years of work.

Corfo’s regional Director, Manuel Rodriguez, remarked that instances of this type are a contribution to the development of the regional axis such as agriculture. For his part, Jorge Heiden, Seremi of Agriculture, said he initiated actions to continue working with Corfo on these issues.

The meeting that took place in the halls of the Luckia convention center received 190 assistants, who were called to use new technology to improve water management and thus produce with quality, to turn Arica and Parinacota into an agrarian power.