Innovation for agriculture is present in Norte Grande

Pilots in Pampa Concordia and Valle Nuevo want to improve production.

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Developing a more productive agriculture using technology was the slogan that was shown in the third seminar "Towards a smart agriculture", the Integrated Development Initiative (IFI) Arica Smart Photovoltaic Agriculture, organized by Corfo, with the execution of Fraunhofer Chile Research Foundation and managed by the North Corporation for Development and Integration (Cordenor).

The conference took place last May 30 at the Luckia convention center in the northern city and was attended by the Seremi of Economy, Cristián Sayes, and Agriculture, Jorge Heiden, Arica and Parinacota.

The presentations started at 9:30 am by Marnix Doorn, Business Development Manager of the Center for Biotechnology Systems (CSB), followed by Heidi Jofré, Biosustainability Manager of CSB, both from Fraunhofer Chile.

In their presentations, the researchers emphasized the role of IoT (Internet of things) for improving the efficiency of global agriculture in the use of resources, and especially water in the case of Arica.

It was also announced the state of progress of the pilot facilities in Norte Chico, in the sectors of Pampa Escondida and Valle Nuevo, in charge of Cordenor, which integrate sensors to monitor crop indices, information transmitted and recorded on virtual platforms for evaluation.

The implementation of the project in this area is linked to the use of solar energy applied to