Fraunhofer investigators to the rescue of pollinating bees!

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A team of national and foreign researchers from Fraunhofer Chile are working on two projects that seek to promote the activity of native bees - in Chile more than 450 species - as potential wild pollinators in orchards. Learn more about their work and the progress of both projects, funded by Bayer Germany and Syngenta, in the following articles in RedAgricola magazine:

How much of the curd in a avocado orchard is due to wild bees? 

In Chile there are a surprising number of native bee species, particularly in central areas where fruit trees such as avocado are grown. A project by Fraunhofer Chile - financed by Bayer Germany - will determine how much these wild bee species, which usually nest in remnants of native flora near orchards, contribute productively. In addition, they will define the effect of their visits on the quality of the avocado fruit.

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To increase the abundance and diversity of pollinators 

Farmers can contribute to the survival of native pollinating insects by incorporating mix or floral patches in their orchards. That is the goal of Syngenta's global biodiversity program Operation Pollinator, in which researchers from Fraunhofer Chile participate.

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Farmers value Operation Pollinator's contribution 

"It has had quite low costs, does not require large days or major investments", "changes the view of the countryside, makes it more pleasant to the eye" and "invites us to a more playful and entertaining part of agriculture", are some opinions of Chilean farmers who agreed to participate in the initiative developed worldwide by Syngenta and which has been implemented in 160 fields in the country.

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