Fraunhofer Chile Research opens modern facilities to strengthen biotechnology in Chile

The inauguration marks a new stage in the research work of the institution, bringing German expertise to innovation processes in Chile and Latin America.

© Fraunhofer Chile Research
© Fraunhofer Chile Research

Today, on September 12, in Ciudad Empresarial, will be inaugurated the new laboratory of the Fraunhofer Chile Research Center for Systems Biotechnology (CSB), with the participation of various Government authorities and representatives of academia and industry. 

The new facilities bring together in one place the business offices and the laboratory. The challenge is to become a point of reference for open innovation in Chile, by allowing joint and collaborative work between researchers, project managers and representatives from industry.

"Applied research to meet the specific needs of industry “ - is the main goal of all Fraunhofer institutes around the world. The target is that no less than one-third of each center's funding comes from contracts with industry, which forces us to be sensitive to their needs. At Fraunhofer CSB, we have raised more than 15 million euros in research contracts linked to biotechnology, and we hope this will turn into more innovation and productivity for Chile," emphasized Dr. Pilar Parada, Executive Director of Fraunhofer CSB.

And she added "the lab we are opening today marks the beginning of a new stage, which reflects the effort to strengthen our ties with companies and get more connected with the needs of the productive sector, particularly by our areas of Agriculture, Food and Ingredients, Industrial Bio-Sustainability, Aquaculture and Marine Ecosystems".

The services offered by the laboratory include chemical analysis to determine composition, quantification of relevant compounds and identification of potential contaminants; specific identification of different microorganisms; quantification of viruses and bacteria; sequencing of genomes; and the search for molecular markers, among others.

Part of the investment of the new facilities of more than 3 million euros, had already begun to materialize since the installation of Fraunhofer CSB in Chile in 2010, with the support of the Corfo program of Attraction of International Centers of Excellence in R&D and the Fraunhofer IME Institute of Germany.