Center for Systems Biotechnology Moves to New Offices

A highly- specialized laboratory of around 300 square meters has been constructed.

© Fraunhofer Chile Research
© Fraunhofer Chile Research

On Monday, July 9th, started the last stage of the change of offices of FCR/CSB.

On this occasion the move was from the second to the third floor of the same building, located in Avenida del Cóndor 844, in Ciudad Empresarial.

After a solid work during the construction period, the facilities on the new floor now have workspaces, meeting rooms and reception areas. In addition was built a highly specialized biotechnology laboratory, with a clean area and a general laboratory of around 300 square meters.

"These new spaces allow us to gather all the human and technological resources, in order to prioritize innovation processes and offer comprehensively our services to the industry ", says Pilar Parada, CSB's executive director.

The new facilities house both the administration area of Fraunhofer Chile and the Center for Systems Biotechnology (CSB).

The process of changing premises started in March 2018 when Fraunhofer offices left the Birmann building, located in Las Condes, to move to the second floor of the new building in Ciudad Empresarial, Huechuraba.

In June the Center for Solar Energy Technologies (CSET), second Fraunhofer Center in Chile, also experienced a change of floor from the eighth to the third level in the Anacleto Angelini Building located in San Joaquin.

"The demand for our research services increased. That's why these changes prepare us in the best way to respond all challenges our costumers present us with”, states Joan Bosch, Fraunhofer's general manager in Chile.