Technology Transfer

Fraunhofer Chile Research develops applied research, it’s services go beyond the development of new know-how and offer a practical benefit for people and their environment.

The Technology Transfer is a dinamic process that includes much more than the granting of patents. Fraunhofer Chile Research provides the potential users with technical information about products and services developed by it’s research centers, as a way to estimulate and accelerate the use and validation of the developed know how.  

The Technology Transfer activities include the development and management of:

  • Identification and escalation of new technologies.
  • Protection of technologies through patents and author rights.
  • Valorization of technology and intelectual property, including the vigilance of the market, competition and the general environment.
  • Development of strategies, business models, commercialization and negotiation.


Through the Technology Transfer, Fraunhofer Chile Research searchs for knowledge and practical application of it’s scientific discoverys. Also it is interested in attracting support to it’s research and educate to contribute to the economic development.