Waste Recovery

Energy recovery of agricultural, municipal and aquaculture waste for use in production processes.

Life-cycle assessment

Product life cycle assessment to minimise emissions and optimise resource use.

Biodegradability and compostability

Biodegradability and compostability for various materials under ISO standards.

Efficient crops in the city

Urban farm design and implementation

Sustainable Aquaculture

Aquaculture project consulting to reduce the impact on the environment

Industrial Sustainability

Biosustainability is what allows the development of a certain industrial activity over time, minimizing the pressure on environmental resources and using benefits that biotechnology can offer to ensure its permanence.

This business area offers support to production processes, using biotechnology as a means to ensure the sustainability and competitiveness of the country.                                             

Its services are oriented to sectors intensive in use of natural resources, such as forestry, agriculture, aquaculture, fishing and mining.


Develop design and test criteria to validate sustainable solutions for companies that consider bioprocesses in their production chain.

Agricultural and aquaculture residues analysis to determinate best way to process and transform them into non-conventional renewable energy.

Consultancy to the public sector to determine suitable areas for aquaculture.

Review of environmental regulations.

Research Lines

Technologies for sustainable use of water.

Energy generation technologies using waste from different productive sectors.

Technologies for the salmon farming industry directed towards waste collection.