Agriculture, Food and Ingredients

Chile aims to be among the 10 worldwide leaders in healthy foods, for which it needs to incorporate technologies, expand the export supply, ensure compliance with international standards and regulations, preserve and conserve natural resources and improve the population’s health and its economic and social wellbeing.


Focus of Research

This business area focuses on the sustainable production of agri-foods and the development of ingredients.


Sustainable Agriculture

  • Practical application of science, technology and management of innovation in the agriculture sector.
  • Application of intelligent agriculture, essential for producing top quality foods and ingredients and added value, increasing productivity.
  • Applied ecology to generate and transfer knowledge about the productive ecosystem, so better decisions can be made and fields can be managed sustainably.


Foods and Ingredients

  • Application of processing technologies to ensure food safety.
  • Evaluation of bioactive compounds based on raw plant materials and/or agribusiness sector wastes.
  • Formulation of finished ingredients and their incorporation in high value applications, such as functional foods for human and animal consumption, nutraceuticals, etc.

Products and Services

  • Extracts based on sustainable processes, antioxidants and natural colorants, for application as additives in human and animal foods and in cosmetics.
  • New food grade products, based on essential oils and functional lipids and proteins, among others.
  • New prototypes and products, with a focus on the evaluation of agribusiness industry wastes.
  • Technology packages associated with the development of sustainable processes, that preserve the functionality of specialized natural ingredients and additives, such as supercritical extraction and microencapsulation.
  • Monitoring and management services for insect pest control.
  • Beehive monitoring service.
  • Technological assistance in the agriculture, foods and ingredients area.