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We design and formulate biotechnological solutions for productive improvement and diseases control in aquaculture species.

Field Innovation

We innovate in field diagnostic methods and measurement of production parameters.


We perform "omics" analyses oriented towards understanding the problems of the salmon farming industry and aquaculture diversification programs.

Aquaculture and Marine Ecosystems

Chile occupies the ninth place in world aquaculture production, with 800,000 tons per year and returns of over US$ 4 billion. It is the world's second largest producer of salmon and mitylids, generating direct and indirect employment for approximately 80.000 people.

On the other hand, during the last decade the diversification of Chilean aquaculture has been promoted with new species with high economic potential, such as the seriola, see bass, golden and red conger eels, clams, machas, mussels and chilean abalone repopulation and algae extraction and commercialization.

Aquaculture and Marine Ecosystems Area focuses on development, both in products and services, in sanitary, environmental and productive fields, through applied biotechnological research projects.

Products Overview

Diagnostic methods through bacterial genomic/genetic analysis, fungal and viral, emerging and high impact pathogens.

Fish feed ingredients and formulas, focused on plant inputs use of high nutritional value.

Technologies development, application and transfer for productive species identification and traceability.


Projects development focused on new products creation for disease control, reducing the use of antibiotics and other chemicals.

Technical and technological assistance for aquaculture diversification programs.

Microbiological and metagenomic analyses in productive zones.

Productive Species repopulation programs support of social interest (Bivalves and macroalgae).