R&D services platform

The Platform area centralizes the laboratory work to the service of CSB's business development areas, executing procedures with high quality standards in biology areas, chemistry and bioinformatics, in charge of highly qualified multidisciplinary professionals.


    Chemical and biological sample analysis of different origins.

    Pathogens of interest identification by molecular biology techniques.

    qPCR analysis for species quantification.

    Nucleic Acid Sequencing by NGS.

    Analysis, assembly and bioinformatics refinement of sequencing data.

    Metagenomic Analysis.

    Differential expression analysis.

    Sequence analysis.

    Search for molecular genetic markers.

    Minimum inhibitory concentration tests.

    Cell line testing.

Chemical speciality:

The latest technology equipment we have ("HPLC", "GC-MS", "ICP", "GC-FID", among others), allows us to perform analysis and classification methodologies for different sample types, for different projects in different business areas.

Biology Speciality:

Molecular Biology: Performs genotyping, detection, identification and quantification of interesting microorganisms in the agricultural, aquaculture and other industries, such as nucleic acid sequencing (NGS-Illumina), conventional PCR, qPCR, flow cytometry, among others.

Cell Biology: Performs cell culture and related tests such as SCRATCH assays.

Microbiology: Performs the management of various bacterial strains and related tests such as those of minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC).

Bioinformatics speciality:

We have a team of bioinformaticians, installed with TIERIII certification, with 99.8% availability, allowing us to process large volumes of data and a wide range of services.