Contamos con la infraestructura, un equipamiento de alto nivel y un grupo multidisciplinario de profesionales para ejecutar diversas metodologías a escala de laboratorio.

Análisis y ensayos de laboratorio

Capacidad técnica y profesional para ejecutar técnicas de biología molecular, biología celular, microbiología, química analítica y bioinformática.

Capacidad analítica

Tenemos lo necesario para realizar análisis químicos para determinar composición, cuantificación de compuestos de interés e identificación de potenciales contaminantes de muestras de diversos orígenes.

R&D services platform

The Platform area centralizes the laboratory work to the service of CSB's business development areas, executing procedures with high quality standards in the area of biology, chemistry and bioinformatics, in charge of highly qualified multidisciplinary professionals.


  • Chemical analysis to determine the composition and quantification of compounds and identification of potential contaminants from samples of different origins.
  • Specific identification of microorganisms from different sources (matrices) through molecular biology (PCR).
  • Absolute and relative quantification of viruses and bacteria by means of Real Time PCR.
  • Sequencing of genomes and small transcriptomes in Illumina's MiSeq platform.
  • Assembly, refinement and statistical analysis of sequencing data using bioinformatics.
  • Analysis of metagenomic and metatranscriptomic data from different sources.
  • Analysis of differential expression of genes.
  • Phylogenetic analysis.
  • Development of molecular markers (genetic) and genotyping of organisms.
  • Determination of antimicrobial activity by means of tests of minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC).
  • Bioassays through the use of lines as a study model.

Chemical speciality:

The latest technology equipment at our disposal (HPLC, GC - MS, ICP, GC -FID, among others), allows us to execute analysis methodologies and characterization of different types of samples, for various projects in different business areas.

Biology Speciality:

Molecular Biology: Performs methodologies of genotyping, detection, identification and quantification of microorganisms of interest in the agricultural, aquaculture or other industries, such as nucleic acid sequencing (NGS-Illumina), conventional PCR, qPCR, flow cytometry, among others.

Cell Biology: Performs cell culture and related tests such as SCRATCH assays.

Microbiology: Performs the management of several bacterial strains and related assays such as those with minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC).

Bioinformatics speciality:

It has a team of bioinformaticians and its own computing capacity, installed with TIERIII certification, with availability of 99.8 percent, which allows the processing of large volumes of data and a wide range of services.