The center's Director

The Center for Systems Biotechnology Director is Dr. Pilar Parada Valdecantos. She is a biochemist from the University of Chile and holds a PhD in Biological Sciences from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. She also holds a Diploma in Strategy and Innovation from MIT and a Diploma in Business Management from Universidad Católica.

Previously, she was General Manager of BioSigma, where she received the Avonni 2015 National Innovation Award in the Mining and Metallurgy category for industrializing and commercializing the process of bioleaching or dissolving copper with bacteria in minerals that cannot be exploited with conventional processes.

She has participated in the filing of 16 patents in Chile, and 144 patent applications internationally. In addition, she is the author of 16 indexed scientific publications.  She is a mentor in business incubation and acceleration programs at Chrysalis (Catholic University of Valparaiso) and Open Beauchef (University of Chile).