About us

The Fraunhofer Chile Research Center for Systems Biotechnology (FCR-CSB) was the first research center established by the Fraunhofer Chile Research Foundation. This is the first Systems Biotechnology Center in Latin America, based on Fraunhofer's innovation model that seeks to develop applied science and technology to solve industries needs. We are Fraunhofer's second largest subsidiary outside Germany.

FCR-CSB was formed, in response to a call from Chile's Ministry of Economy, through the economic development agency CORFO, to establish Centers of International Excellence.

In 2011 the Systems Biotechnology Centre (SBC) began to operate and in 2015 the Solar Energy Technology Centre (TSTC) became operational too.

Both centres are supported by German sponsoring centres; IME (Fraunhofer Institute for Molecular Biology and Applied Ecology) for CSB and ISE (Institute for Solar Energy Systems) for CSET.


Develop applied research to connect science and technology of excellence in Chile and Germany with Chilean and Latin American industry, promoting technology transfer to improve competitiveness and facilitate innovation.


To be the first choice organization in Chile and Latin America to incorporate innovative biotechnologies in the most productive areas of the region.


Respect and Dignity

Our success is based on our employees, knowledge and enthusiasm for applied research. Because we understand that diversity is also part of our success, we offer equal opportunities to our team.

Sustainable Development

Through our applied research, we contribute to the sustainable development of an ecologically healthy environment, an economically successful and socially balanced world.

Excellence and Application

We promote a balance between research excellence and application-oriented development. This unique characteristic motivates and differentiates us, providing added value for us.

Team Work

We highlight the interdisciplinary cooperation with the different Fraunhofer institutes. Collaborative work among our researchers, as well as with other actors in the innovation ecosystem in both Chile and Latin America, promotes synergies and drives our performance.


We understand our customers and we know their tomorrow's challenges.  Together we develop integrated and innovative solutions for their long-term success.