Center for Systems Biotechnology

Innovation to address the challenges of food, acquaculture and medicine industries.

Center for Systems Biotechnology


Massive seminar on intelligent agriculture for Arica

The successful meeting exhibited the opportunities the region has for its agricultural development.


Fraunhofer Chile Research opens modern facilities to strengthen biotechnology in Chile

The inauguration marks a new stage in the research work of the institution, bringing German expertise to innovation processes in Chile and Latin America.


Researchers report study results of native potatoes

This research with high quality standards provides an important tool to the local and Latin American industry.



Center for Systems Biotechnology strengthens its Packaging offer

The Fraunhofer Center participated in the Tecfood 2018 Seminar, represented by international specialists.


Center for Systems Biotechnology Moves to New Offices

A highly- specialized laboratory of around 300 square meters has been constructed.



Reporte FCR 2011 - 2014

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