Tests and analysis

Performance Ratio

In CSET we have extensive experience in performance ratio analysis to determine the real efficiency of your photovoltaic plant and verify if there is a lower performance than expected


At CSET we have the tools to define the cleaning cycles of your photovoltaic plant maximizing profits by taking into account cleaning costs and generation losses due to module fouling.

Solar tracker control test

CSET has the qualified personnel to verify the correct operation of the solar trackers of your photovoltaic plant to ensure that you are making the most of the solar radiation that directly affects the modules.


In CSET we have extensive experience in field electroluminescence tests and the subsequent analysis of the images by our experts to determine the condition of the modules of your photovoltaic plant.

Visual inspection

Analysis of the internal AC network

In CSET we have the collaboration of the Fraunhofer-ISE institute in Germany to develop analysis of the internal AC grid and verify if there is any defect in the electrical installations from the inverter to the elevator substation of your photovoltaic plant.

I-V Curve

At CSET we measure the I-V curve in the field using our latest generation portable devices and their subsequent analysis by our team of experts to determine the real value of the electrical variables of interest for power generation.