Press release


Fraunhofer CSET organizes symposium about opportunities in a solar economy

The Fraunhofer’s Center for Solar Energy Technologies (CSET) brought together representatives from the public, academic and industrial sectors to facilitate a discussion on the possibilities of solar energy to address the current energy challenges in Chile. The event laid the foundation for the phase of consolidation of this international center of excellence in R&D, which was established with the help of the Chilean Energy Ministry and Corfo in 2015.



Center for Solar Energy Technologies presents CSP opportunities in open seminar

In a seminar Fraunhofer Chile Research, through its Center for Solar Energy Technologies, presented the possibilities for the generation of electricity in Chile using Concentrated Solar Power (CSP).


Laborelec and Fraunhofer sign agreement to empower solar energy

Two big companies in the solar energy sector, ENGIE Laborelec and Fraunhofer, signed a collaboration agreement to identify and look for business opportunities together, in order to offer specific large scale photovoltaic energy services in Latin America.